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Custom Shaped Magnets

Any Shape Magnet - Custom Die Cut

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Nearly every household in America has magnets on their refrigerator. Pizza shops, service businesses and insurance companies all have found magnets to be an excellent way to keep their name and phone number in front of both current and prospective customers.

Custom Shaped Magnets

A custom shaped magnet with an unusual shape is even more likely to be used – and noticed! Also known as a die cut magnet, a special shaped magnet can fit the contour of your logo or into any other shape that you want it to be. Our standard custom shaped magnets are 23 mil thick (for indoor use only). For a thicker custom shaped magnet (up to 45 MIL), or a special shaped magnet for outdoor use, contact us for a custom quote on your specifications.

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Pricing by Square Inches: (length x width)
see the apple-shaped magnet example below the pricing chart

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Custom Shaped Magnets — Die Cut to Any Shape You Want
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Standard Production Time is 5 Business Days, Rush available
23 mil Custom-Shaped Magnets Die Cut to Any Shape (Indoor Use Only)
Cost Per Magnet 100 250 500 1,000 2,500 5,000
2 to 5 Square Inches $1.65 79¢ 48¢ 30¢ 24¢ 21¢
6 to 10 Square Inches $1.82 91¢ 57¢ 35¢ 29¢ 24¢
11 to 15 Square Inches $2.23 $1.07 69¢ 44¢ 36¢ 33¢
16 to 20 Square Inches $2.81 $1.32 0.80¢ 52¢ 45¢ 39¢
21 to 25 Square Inches $3.05 $1.42 0.92¢ 64¢ 55¢ 50¢
26 to 28 Square Inches $3.36 $1.53 99¢ 69¢ 61¢ 53¢
29 to 34 Square Inches $3.74 $1.89 $1.14 80¢ 71¢ 59¢
35 to 40 Square Inches $4.11 $2.09 $1.45 94¢ 83¢ 70¢
Our standard magnets have a glossy UV coating on them that can not be written on. If you want to be able to write on the magnets you need to let us know in advance and tell us to leave off the coating.
NOTE: The custom shaped, 23mil magnets priced above are only available from our Florida plant.

calculating square inches

Calculating your Custom Shaped Magnet Size

To calculate the number of square inches of your custom shaped magnet, simply measure the height and width of the image. Then multiply the height times the width (in inches). NOTE: you do need to add ¼″ to each measurement, as the outside of the special shaped edges have a ⅛″ margin on all four sides from the image's edges. If you don't want a white edge simply add a background color or extend the image beyond the cutout area. Feel free to call or email us if you need assistance in pricing or design of your custom shaped magnet.

In the apple example to the left, the apple image (with it's ⅛″ margin) is 1.75″ x 2.25″ = 3.9375 Square Inches.

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