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Custom Made Magnets

Custom Printed Magnets —Made in Any Size & Any Shape… Indoor or Outdoor — Any Way You Need Them

We can custom make any sort of magnet that you need for any sort of use. If you can't find pricing on the website to fit your needs feel free to contact Summit Printing for a custom quote.

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Custom magnets are an effective and inexpensive giveaway. Summit Printing offers a wide variety of magnetic products in both standard shapes and custom-shaped magnets (die cut). Promotional magnets make it easy for your customers and prospects to keep your contact information handy, as a constant reminder of your products and services. Placed on their fridge, a refrigerator magnet is sure to be noticed by their friends and family as well!

Magnets are a powerful marketing tool. They are highly visible, and kept long after other promotional products have been put away or forgotten. Magnets are typically placed on refrigerators, file cabinets, vending machines and lockers. Placed on any metal surface, magnets are often used to hold important papers, pictures and other keepsakes.

Magnet Thickness is Important

weak or strong magnets

When comparing magnet prices, consider the thickness of the magnet.
With custom printed magnets, THICKNESS DOES MATTER!

Some online printing companies don't mention the thickness of their magnets — hoping you will only consider the price of their magnets.

If a cheap price is your only objective, you might consider a 17mil thick magnet. however, if you want “make an impression” don't buy the thin ones… you may be very disappointed. We recommend a fridge magnet with a minimum thickness of 20mil, and encourage a 25 mil if you want to present a high-quality custom-branded magnet to your clients and prospects.

The thickness of smaller magnets, such as magnetic business cards, are especially important. On a larger magnet, such as a 3x4, the magnetic strength is less of a factor. If you will be mailing the magnets in large volumes, that is another reason you might consider the thickness, as it could effect the cost of the postage.


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