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brochure is a folded sheet of paper

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A Brochure…  (as defined on this website)
is a single sheet of paper, full color on both sides,
that has been folded (one or more times).

For pricing on brochures made of multiple sheets of paper see booklets & catalogs. For flat brochures (without folding) see flyers or postcards.

A professional brochure is a great marketing tool for your company. Typically used in prospecting to introduce your company to new potential customers, they're also effective to educate your current customers about other products and services that they may be interested in. Use them at trade shows, as presentation folder inserts, counter displays, and as a leave behind for your sales calls.

common brochure folding methods common brochure folding methods

Brochures on this website are defined as a single sheet of paper that has been folded. The most common folds are either a single fold (bi-folded brochures) or folded twice (a trifold brochure). There are, however, many other ways to creatively fold your brochure to best display your design. For a complete list of common folding options see folding methods.


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Glossy Text-Weight Paper

Most businesses use a high-gloss paper for their brochures. We have two standard text-weight coated paper options priced on the website: a standard 80# text and a premium 100# text weight. Both come standard with a high-gloss aqueous coating to help protect the paper finish from fingerprints and scratches.

Coated enamel paper has two distinct advantages: (1) a high opacity so 2-sided printing doesn't easily show through, and (2) photos and copy are extra sharp since printing ink doesn't soak into a coated paper.

Dull (Matte) Text-Weight Paper

Our 100# premium dull text is for customers who prefer a coated paper that is not glossy. A paper with a matte (or dull, or satin) finish is also a coated sheet of paper, and is also very opaque, but with only a slight gloss. Our matte paper is also sealed with a satin aqueous coating for resistance to smudges, fingerprints and scratches without a high-gloss appearance.

Uncoated Paper
70# Opaque Text

fill out form on brochure

In some cases you may prefer a totally uncoated paper for your brochures, especially if they will be written on, such as a brochure that contains a form that will be filled out by hand. Although a pen can write on a gloss paper with an aqueous coating, pencils do not write well on a coated sheet of paper. A paper with a UV coating can not be written on at all.

Cardstock Brochures
100# Gloss Cover Brochures

thick cardstock flyer

Some clients prefer a thick cardstock paper for their brochures. Our 100# gloss cover is an extra-thick, stiff sheet of premium cardstock. The finish is also sealed with an aqueous coating that adds a glossy sheen and also helps to prevent scratches and minimize fingerprinting.

Extra-Thick Cardstock Brochures
14pt Cover Brochures

If you want an extremely thick brochure you might consider a 14pt cover. This premium cardstock can be printed, but is too thick to machine-fold. We do, however, offer scoring for easy hand-folding (creased like a Christmas Card). The 14pt cover is a coated stock with a matte finish. High-gloss UV is no additional cost if you prefer a high-gloss sheen.


paper swatch books

While our four standard sizes are typical for most brochure printing projects, you are really only limited by your imagination. Summit Printing can provide your company a custom quote for any brochure size, paper, number of folds, special coatings, die cutting, or elegant features such as spot UV coatings, flat foil stamping, blind embossing or foil embossing.

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