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Since Commerial Printing is considered an Essential Business, all of our locations are operating, and orders are shipping on time.

Now that the covid vaccines are available we don't anticipate any future disruptions.

Summit Printing, we’re taking every step possible—in accordance with government guidelines—to keep employees safe and customers satisfied as we continue with operations.

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Postcard Printing & Mailing Services

postcard printing postcard mailing services many postcard sizes available EDDM - save money on postage with Every Door Direct Mail Fast turnarounds on postcard printing
  1. Premium photo-quality postcard printing
  2. Low, online pricing from 100 to 50,0000 postcards
  3. Super-fast production (even same-day printing)
  4. Reputable Company with great customer service
    — See our customer reviews on Google!
  5. FREE Shipping from local plants
    (Eleven plants in the USA and one in Canada)

Custom Printed Postcards
With Optional Mailing Services

Postcard Price Lists — Three Pricing & Mailing Options
postcard option 1 Postcards
Printing Only

We print your postcards
& ship them to you
see price list
– Current Postage Rates –
(stamped mail)
35¢ per stamp, Standard postcard sizes
55¢ per stamp, Jumbo postcard sizes
postcard option 2 Print & Mail

We print your postcards, address them for you, and mail them for You
see price list
– Current Postage Rates –
25.7¢—27.4¢, Standard Size Postcards
13.8¢—17.3¢, Jumbo size, non-profit
25.6¢—29.1¢, Jumbo, standard mail
38.3¢—42.8¢, Jumbo size, 1st class
postcard option 3 EDDM Postcards
Every Door Direct Mail

We print USPS certified EDDM postcards & ship them to you
see price list
– Current Postage Rates –
19.1¢ (EDDM Retail Rate)
15.6¢ (EDDM BMEU Rate)
Plastic Postcards are also available (with and without mailing services)

USPS truck

Postage Savings Options Are available!
The US Postal Service offers discounts that can save your company money.
There are TWO different USPS programs that every business needs to be aware of:

1)  Presorted Mail:  Commercial Postage Rates (also known as “Bulk Mail”) are significantly lower than mailing your postcards with stamps. If you mail at least 200 postcards at a time you can save money on postage with bulk mail.

2)  Every Door Direct Mail: (EDDM) If you are mailing to specific areas, Every Door Direct Mail may be perfect for your mailing.
   With the EDDM program, the USPS provides a HUGE discount on postage, and without the need of a mailing list – the current rate is only 17.7¢.

direct mail postcards

Postcard Marketing is Effective          

Postcards have been established as an effective business advertising method for over a hundred years, and with good reason. They offer many cost and visibility advantages over other direct marketing pieces.

For starters, there is no envelope needed. A postcard doesn't have to be “opened” for them to notice your advertisement – they actually can't help but at least get a glance at your offer.

big postcards get noticed

Size Can Make a Difference
Larger “Jumbo” Postcards Stand Out!

Although the larger “jumbo” postcards cost a little more, they really stand out in your prospects' mailbox. This gives them a higher success rate and also provides you more room to explain all of the details of your marketing offer.

In addition to the advantage of your ad standing out, there are also lower postage fees. Standard sized postcards COST LESS to mail than any marketing material stuffed in an envelope (not to mention the cost of the envelopes!).

Mailing Lists
Target the Best Prospects

Mailing lists are available by zip code, income level, profession, businesses vs. consumers, those that have recently moved, etc. With the right mailing list you can target only those prospects that are likely to be interested in buying your products or services. You can select from one or a combination of criteria to ensure that you only mail postcards to addresses that meet your specific needs.

Summit Printing
— Your Direct Mail Specialist —
Professional Postcard Printing and Mailing Services

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