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Since Commerial Printing is considered an Essential Business, all of our locations are operating, and orders are shipping on time.

Now that the covid vaccines are available we don't anticipate any future disruptions.

Summit Printing, we’re taking every step possible—in accordance with government guidelines—to keep employees safe and customers satisfied as we continue with operations.

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Postcard USPS Specifications
Official US Post Office Regulations

Common Postcard Questions

What is the size of a standard postcard?  
This is one of the most common questions our website visitors ask…
They are surprised to hear that there is no single one “Official Standard Postcard Size,” or at least as far as the
US Post Office is concerned — there are just minimum and maximum allowable sizes.

What is the size of a postcard that has the low 35¢ postcard rate?
As long as your postcard is not larger that 4¼″ x 6″ (but at least 3½″ x 5″) you can mail them at the 35¢ rate.

stamp price

— First Class Postcard Mailing Rates —
Single Piece Prices Based on Size and Weight

Standard Postcard - a standard postcard mails First Class at current rate of 35¢.
Standard Postcard Sizes - minimum is 3½″ x 5″
                    - maximum size is 4¼″ x 6″ for mailing at the 35¢ rate.
Paper Thickness - must be at least 0.007 and not more than 0.016 in thickness.

Standard Postcard Specification Chart

35¢ Postcards Minimum Maximum
Postcard Length 5″ 6″
Postcard Height 3½″ 4¼ ″
Paper Thickness 0.007″ 0.016″

Jumbo Postcard Sizes
Postage and Requirements

Jumbo Postcards - postcards that are larger than 4¼″ x 6″ cannot be mailed at the 35¢ rate.
Oversized postcards require the same postage as a letter: 56¢
Jumbo Postcard Sizes: measure more than 4¼″ x 6″ up to a maximum of 6⅛″ x 11½″
Paper Thickness - oversized postcards must be at least 0.009″ thick,
but not more than 0.25″ in thickness.

Jumbo Postcard Specification Chart

56¢ Postcards Minimum Maximum
Postcard Length (over 6″) 11½″
Postcard Height (over 4¼ ″) 6⅛″
Paper Thickness 0.009″ 0.25″

Bulk Rate
Postcard Mailing Rate

cost postage costs

Bulk Rate Mail can save a lot of money on postage as long as you meet the minimum quantity of pieces (200 for standard mail, 500 for First Class).

In addition to postage savings, the addressing is also automated so your company saves time as well. Since mail pieces are sent to USPS already addressed, barcoded, CASS Certified and sorted, the Post Office charges a lower postage rate to mail your prices.

Bulk Rate postage prices vary by whether your postcards are sent by
First Class
(1-3 business days for arrival) or by
Standard or Non-Profit Mail (up to 2 weeks or more for arrival).

Standard Rate Postcards by Class and Size

Postcard Size Standard Rate
Postcard Postage Rate
Bulk Rate Postage Rate
Mail Automation
Single Piece Rate
(Using Stamps)
Standard Postcard Size First Class 500 26.0¢  to  27.6¢ 35¢
First Class
500 38.9¢  to  43.9¢ 55¢
Standard Rate
200 25.9¢  to  29.9¢  
Non-Profit Rate 200 13.8¢  to  17.8¢

Presorted First Class - If you want your mail delivered as quickly as normal First Class mail, or if you are mailing pieces that are different for every recipient, you must use presorted First Class to receive discounted postage prices. Each postcard mailing at presorted First Class prices must consist of at least 500 pieces. Non-profit mailers do not receive any additional discounts over other mailers when using presorted First Class.

Standard Class is an inexpensive way to mail a group of identical pieces, but Standard Class mail is processed after First Class. Typically a Standard Class postcard arrives within a few days for local mail, but as much as a few weeks if mailing throughout the USA. Each mailing at Standard Class prices must consist of at least 200 pieces. (Exception: If each piece weighs more than 4 ounces, the mailing will meet the minimum if the total mailing weighs at least 50 pounds.)

Aspect Ratio - in order to receive the discounted postage rate for mail automation (bulk rate) your postcard must have an "aspect ratio" between 1.3 and 2.5 to qualify. The aspect ratio is simply a number calculated by taking the length of the postcard and dividing it by the height. Note: There is one exception: a postcard with the dimension 5 1/2 inches by 4 1/4 inches, which is exactly the size of a standard letter-sized piece of paper divided precisely into 4 equal pieces which is an aspect ration of 1.29 as there is no paper waste.

postcard regulations chart

Clear Areas - the address clear area and barcode clear area must be completely free of any text to qualify for automation postage rates. A background graphic is permitted, but must be 7% grayscale or less.

Contrast - the address area background must be white or a light color.

See our Postcard Templates for easy postcard setup that meet all of the UP Post Office requirements for bulk rate postage discounts.

Coatings Warning! - the address area must be completely free of any UV or aqueous coatings or laser addressing will not be possible, as the toner will not be able to adhere to the paper. Labels can be used, but it will cost more money than laser addressing and look less attractive.

PDF icon

Download Postcard Specifications PDF

Mailing List Services

inspect mailing list

If your company does not already have a mailing list Summit Printing can provide a quality mailing list at a competitive price. The mailing lists can be qualified by zip code, residential or business, income levels, age or about any demographic requirements that your company or organization may require.

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