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Postcard Printing & Mailing Services

postcard printing postcard mailing services many postcard sizes available EDDM - save money on postage with Every Door Direct Mail Fast turnarounds on postcard printing

Postcards Printing
with Mailing Services

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2-4 Day Production
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  1. Premium 16pt postcard printing with bulk-rate mailing services
  2. High-Gloss UV Front included in price    (optional matte finish)
  3. Bulk Rate Mail for LOWEST postage rates     (See The Postage Rates Table)
  4. Low, online pricing from 100 to 50,0000 postcards


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  1. Save Money on Postage
    We perform all of the requirements for your mailing to receive the best bulk-rate postage discounts available!
  2. No Mailing Permit to Purchase
    Mailed using our permit number, so no need to purchase one of your own!
  1. Fast Production
    Rapid postcard printing & mailing services with 6 plant location options.
  2. List Services
    Need help with a mailing list? We can provide you with list services to target your best mailing audiences.

Postcards WITH Mailing Services

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USPS truck
See the Postage Rates Table
for postage savings options

Postcard Printing + Mailing Services
Extra-thick 16pt premium cardstock
Other Paper Options Available

Postage is not included - See the Postage Rates Table for Postage Options
Prices include the printing, addressing and mail preparation for your mailing to receive the lowest possible postage rates.
Quantity Small Postcard Jumbo Postcard Sizes
4¼ ″ x 6″ 4″ x 9″  4¼ ″ x 11″ 5″ x 7″  5½″ x 8½″ 6″ x 9″   6¼″ x 9″ 6½″ x 8″ 6″ x 11″ 6¼″ x 11″
250 $122 $182 $185 $151 $185 $184 $192 $188 $198 $198
500 $146 $208 $211 $185 $211 $219 $218 $219 $246 $246
1,000 $223 $293 $296 $265 $296 $308 $304 $304 $339 $339
2,500 $302 $386 $391 $346 $391 $410 $403 $404 $450 $450
5,000 $375 $498 $506 $448 $506 $556 $524 $553 $620 $621
7,500 $620 $717 $778 $740 $896 $896 $908
10,000 $595 $850 $865 $734 $865 $947 $963 $1,094 $1,094 $1,108
15,000 $845 $1,222 $1,242 $1,063 $1,242 $1,348 $1,373 $1,533 $1,533 $1,552
20,000 $1,098 $1,543 $1,568 $1,352 $1,568 $1,700 $1,741 $1,964 $1,964 $1,992
25,000 $1,330 $1,872 $1,906 $1,620 $1,906 $2,084 $2,137   $2,404 $2,436
30,000 $1,545 $2,205 $2,245 $1,903 $2,245 $2,452   $2,452
35,000 $1,758 $2,525 $2,571 $2,182 $2,571 $2,804   $2,804
40,000 $1,977 $2,793 $2,843 $2,446 $2,878 $3,137   $3,138
45,000 $2,206 $3,133 $3,191 $2,716 $3,191 $3,493   $3,493
50,000 $2,409 $3,426 $3,490 $2,957 $3,490 $3,825   $3,825
> 50,000 For Quantities over 25,000 please contact us for a Custom Quotequote
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Standard Production Time: 4″ X 6″ and 5½″ x 4¼″ postcards ship in 1-2 business days, all other postcard sizes ship in 2-4 days (cut-off time of first business day is 10:00 am CST). All prices include free UPS ground shipping. Expedited productions time and/or shipping are available at additional cost.

Printing Options: If you don't need any printing on the back side of your postcards (or just black ink only on the back), lower pricing options may apply on some sizes and/or quantities; contact us for a custom quote. Paper Options: Our standard paper options include 16pt coated(priced above), 14pt coated, 100lb Gloss Cover, 100lb Linen Cover, and 14pt Uncoated. Coating Options: The 16pt paper stock priced above includes your choice of high-gloss UV coating or matte on either side of the postcard. We also offer spot UV coating, aqueous coating, or no coating at all. Not all coating options are available in all paper options, call or email for details.
mailing questions

Questions?   We're here to help!
Direct mail can be a little confusing, especially if you've never done a bulk rate mailing before.
Feel free to give us a call, send us an email, or contact us on live chat with a question.
We have expert assistance waiting to answer any questions you may have.

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Unlike most online printing companies, Summit Printing does not add a big mark up to the postage. See the Postage Rates Table for current USPS rates. We perform all of the processing and sorting required by th US Post Office for your mailing to receive the low presort automation rates on your postage, including the new Intelligent Mail™ barcode (IMb) requirement. Besides saving additional money on postage, mail bearing the Intelligent Mail Barcode is also processed more rapidly by the USPS, typically resulting in faster delivery of your bulk mail.

intelligent barcode
mail solutions
  1. Our Mailing Services Includes
  2. Processing your mailing list
  3. C.A.S.S. Certification
  4. De-Duplicating Addresses
  5. Pre-Sorting & USPS documentation
  6. Ink-Jet Setup, Addressing & barcoding
  7. Post Office Delivery
  1.        Turnaround times
  2.        250 – 25,000:   1-3 business days
  3.   30,000 – 60,000:   3-5 business days
  4. 70,000 – 100,000:   5-7 business days

Mailing List Format

We accept the following formats: .xls (Excel, recommended), .csv (Comma delimited) or .txt (ASCII text file) Here is a sample of what the mailing list excel sheet should look like:

mailing list format example

Summit Printing is responsible for data processing and printing only, and does not archive, transfer, store, or distribute mailing addresses provided by our customers. Mailing service is only available for orders printed by Summit Printing. Mailing pieces must not have UV coating on the postage side, to allow for addressing. All mailing orders must be paid in full along with a completed PAMF (Proof Authorization Mailing Form) approval before mailing. Postage amount must be paid by check, eCheck, ACH or by wire to avoid a service charge. All other services can be paid by credit card or PayPal. *Quantities exceeding 25,000 may take longer than the typical 1-3 business days to turn around. All remainder/samples cannot be sent out prior to mailing.

Plastic Postcard Mailers

Summit Printing also make plastic postcard mailers! These plastic postcards have options for punch-out plastic wallet cards, key tags, or both. Many size options are available as well.

plastic card mailers with punch out plastic card
  1. Custom printed plastic postcards with options for punch-out wallet card(s) or wallet card & key tag combinations.
  2. Fast production, from as little as 5 business days
  3. Highest quality printing / Made in the USA
  4. Standard 30 mil composite plastic or budget-friendly optional 20 mil thicknesses
  5. Reputable Company with great customer service
    — See our customer reviews on Google!
  6. Many add-ons available, including barcodes, QR codes, variable data, magnetic stripe options, scratch-off area & signature panel.
  7. Optional Mailing Services: We can also mail the plastic postcards for you via “Bulk Rate Mail”, saving you money on postage.

Summit Printing
— Your Discount Postcard Printing & Mailing Service —

Your Local Seattle Postcard Printing & Mailing Service

Our Seattle, Washington plant can print and mail your postcards quickly! Serving the Northwestern USA as well as many parts of Oregon and Idaho (see map) with very fast mailing services.
Postcard printing and mailing services in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellevue, Everett, Kent, Yakima Renton & Spokane Valley, Washington,
Postcard printing and mailing services in Portland, Eugene, Salem, Gresham, Beaverton, Bend, Medford, Springfield and Corvallis Oregon and Coeur d'Alene and Lewiston, Idaho.