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Union Made Yard Signs

Low prices on union printed campaign signs with fast production times!

We offer both Union Made Corrugated Yard Signs as well as Union Made Polybag Yard Signs with an optional union bug at no additional cost with shipping to West Virginia.

Fast Shipping

Our Standard production for our long-run union-made corregated yard signs (100 +) is 3-5 business days, with rush options available (depending on plant work load).

Yard Signs — West Virginia
Custom Printed Plastic Coroplast Signs

Also See
Poly Bag Signs
if You Need 1000
or more

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yard sign
  1. FREE Shipping — 75 Signs or Less
  2. Super-Fast Production & Shipping
    Eleven plants in the USA and one in Canada strategically placed for lightning-fast full color yard signs to West Virginia or anywhere you want them in North America.
  3. Reputable Company with great customer service
    — See our customer reviews on Google!
  4. Custom Printed in Any Nearly Size!
    up to 4 foot x 8 foot
    (48 in x 96 in)

How Many Yards Signs Do You Want?  - See Pricing Options
1 – 100
Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs

price list Digially Printed Yard Sign Pricing
100 – 10,000 (or more)
Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs
price list Longer Run Yard Sign Pricing
1,000 – 50,000 (or more)
Poly Bag Yard Signs
price list Plastic Poly Bag Yard Sign Pricing

Yard Sign Pricing Details
Click the Arrows for Detailed descriptions

Short-Run Digital — Full Color Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs (75 or less)

Super-Fast, Full Color Digital Signs
Shipped from Plants Nationwide   |   Serving all 50 States

full color yard sign

Fast Production and FREE Shipping
from a plant near you
Standard Production time is is just 2-4 days, with rush options for even faster! With 10 plants in the USA and one in Canada, you can have your signs shipped to your location in as few as 2 business days (sorry, plant pickup is not available).

Digitally printed signs print in vivid, full color printing, and have no setup charges as long as you send us a print-ready file of your design. There is no extra charge for having more than one color in your signs…   you can use unlimited color (even photos). Our short-run digital signs can print all the way to the edges of your yard sign (full bleed) at no additional cost!

These full-color, digitally printed yard signs are made from durable, corrugated plastic for weather-resistant & long-lasting signs. Printed with high-quality UV inks, your brightly colored signs will stay vivid and withstand rainy and cold weather.

100+ Sign Orders — 1-2 Color Silk-Screen and Digital Full Color Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs

Long-Run Yard Signs
1 & 2-Color Silk-Screen and Long-Run Full Color Yard Signs

yellow yard signs

Yellow Coroplast can help bring attention to your sign!
(add 5% to the sign pricing)

Silk Screen printed yard signs can be less expensive than digitally printed signs, especially for 1-2 color designs (such as red and blue for a political campaign sign). Pricing of Silk Screen Yard Signs depends on how many colors are in your design (keep in mind that white is not included as an ink color, as it is just the color of the coroplast sign itself.)

yard signs 1 & 2 color

Standard production time
is 3-5 business days
(rush may be available).

Allow for a ¾″ margin of white around the edges of your signs, or add 15% to the pricing if you want to print all the way to the edges of your lawn signs.

If you need fewer than 100 signs
see the Full Color Digital Price List fot the best pricign(even if your design is just 1-color)

Poly Bags Signs — 1-2 Color Poly Bag Plastic Yard Signs

Poly-Bag Yard Signs
Best Pricing Option for 1 & 2-Color Long-Run Yard Signs

poly pag signs are easy to intall

Poly Bag plastic yard signs can be a lower-cost alternative to corrugated plastic signs starting around a quantity of 1000 or more. In large quantities, bag plastic yard signs are the most economical yard signs available. For lower than 1000, we recommend that you consider corrugated coroplast yared signs price list.

yard sign

Bag signs are always printed on both sides and are easy to install. With poly bag signs, pricing includes the wire frames, so one low price gives you everything. They take up less space, so are easy to store, and due to their lightweight they are less expensive to ship.

Bag signs are made from thick poly plastic (high density polyethylene), a weatherproof, no-show through material. Printed with fade-resistant UV inks, 1-2 colors are standard, up to four spot colors (full color is available). Standard production time for Bag Sign average 10-12 business days.

union bug

Union Made Political Yard Signs

Need yard signs or poly bags with a Union Bug in West Virginia? No Problem!
Just request our Union Bug to be placed on your sign!

Benefits of Yard Sign Advertising

Lawn Sings are a Advertising Medium
Yard signs (also known as lawn signs) are an inexpensive, yet highly effective way to spread a message. Seen everywhere during election campaigns, these signs are powerful advertising methods that offer major advantages for both businesses and individuals.

They can be for short-term use, such as political campaign yard signs, yet are durable enough to hold up to repeated, long-term use — even under adverse weather conditions. A busy street corner can bring hundreds of views in just a few minutes. Roofing companies, repair businesses and other contractors often place a yard sign at a location where they have done work on a property to advertise their services.

Yard signs are a very affordable way to get your message out to a large audience. Their low “cost per view” make them more budget-friendly than nearly any other method of advertising.

Yard signs are made out of coroplast, a corrugated plastic material, making them highly resistant to rain, wind and snow, allowing for year-round outdoor use. Special UV inks are used that are fade-resistant giving you vivid color even when used in bight sunlight for long periods of time.

Light Weight and Easy to Set Up
Lawn signs can be placed almost anywhere, placed quickly and easy and quite effortless, and easy to move them around and to set them up. Since yard signs are flat and light-weight they can be stored in a small area when not being used, and easily transported in volume when being distributed to locations.

Different Sizes
The typical yards sign is 24" x 18", but they are available in many different sizes, and we can even die cut them into custom shapes. Summit printing has pricing on the website for many common sizes, but if you cannot find a size that suits your needs just ask for a quote!

Design Tips
Keep your yard sign simple, with only the most important information since people are generally not seeing your sign from close up. Stick to the essentials: company name or logo, main services offered, your phone number. A simple messages with bold letters and easy-to-read colors that are easy for a passersby to read - especially if they are driving. Eye-catching graphics are a great way to quickly communicate your message without relying on text. Grab their attention to quickly convey your information or entice them to your businesses services without going into too many details.

Printing Plant Locations
Summit Printing ships from ten printing plants in the USA and one in Canada
for rapid yard sign printing and shipping to West Virginia or anywhere else in North America.

Summit Printing Provides FREE Shipping
of Our Digital Yard Signs Anywhere in the Continental USA, Including:

Charleston Morgantown

Summit Printing
— Lowest Prices on Political Yard Signs and Campaign Lawn Signs —

Lowest Prices on Yard Signs in West Virginia

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Poly Bag Yard Signs
Need 1000 or more politial campaign signs in West Virginia ? See the Poly Bag Signs Price List