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Catalog & Booklet Printing in Nebraska
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Booklet & Catalog Price List

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  3. Local Plants: Eleven book printing loacations in the USA and one in Canada strategically placed for lightning-fast booklets and catalogs shipped to Nebraska or wherever else you want them.
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Competitive Booklet Pricing
Short or Long Runs

Need competitive pricing on a books, magazines or catalog in Nebraska? Having a variety of equipment is crutial to be competitive. Summit Printing has great pricing on short-run digital bookleys to medium-run sheet-fed offset printed books, as well as full web offset for long-run catalog printing. Regardless of your quantity, we can provide your books, catalogs & booklets and ship them to Nebraska at a very competitive price.

Book Binding Methods

We offer a wide variety of bookbinding methods. Below is an overall summary of the most common types of bookbinding used in the commercial printing industry, along with some of the advantages and disadvantages of various binding methods.

saddle stitched and perfect bound books

Although there are many ways to gather printed pages togather, Saddle Stitching and Perfect Binding are the two most common methods of binding a multi-page booklet, catalog or magazine. Regardless or your binding needs, we'll print and ship your order to Nebraska at a competative price.

Saddle Stitching

saddle-stitched booklets

Saddle Stitching is one of the most most common and economical methods of binding booklets. It is a binding method in which folded sheets are stapled through the fold (spine). Because a saddle-stitched booklet is formed from folded sheets of paper that are stapled into the fold, each sheet creates 4 pages (a non-folded sheet would not be able to staple into the spine). Thus every saddle stitched booklet MUST have a page count that is divisible by 4 (8-page, 12-page, 16-page, etc.).

Saddle stitching is more economical than perfect binding (soft-cover books), but the maximum number of pages that can be stapled is typically around 96. The exact “maximum number of pages” will vary depending on thickness of the paper used to make the booklet. At some point the total thickness of the combined pages become too thick for a staple to be able to penetrate the paper.

perfecrt bound book

Perfect Binding
Soft-Cover Books

Perfect Binding is the method of book binding used in a soft-cover (paperback) book. The inner pages
of the book are covered with a thicker paper (or cardstock) cover, and are held together with glue rather than
stitches or staples. Also known as adhesive binding, the glue on the spine of gathered pages keep them securely bound. Perfect bound books have rectangular spines.

spiral bound book

Spiral Binding
Soft-Cover Books

Spiral Binding is a method of binding in which the pages are fastened together by a plastic or wire spiral that coils through holes that are punched along one side of the booklet. Spiral binding (or coil binding) has an advantage over saddle stitched and perfect bound books in that they can easily be opened and laid flat.

Comb Binding

comb binding

Comb Binding (cerlox, GBC or surelox) is similar to a coil book. Pages are punched with rectangular holes, and round plastic spines hold the pages togather. Although the book can be laid flat, it cannot be opened a full 360 degrees (opened to a page and joining front and back covers), as the spine gets in the way. For that reason coil binding is more popular as the pages can be opened such that the covers touch, since the spine that does not obstructive the movement.

Corner Staple, Side Stapled and Tape-Bound Booklets

corner-stapled pages

Corner & Side Stapled Booklets The least professional methods of binding pages togather are most often seen at a copy-shop or small quick-printing company with limited bindery capabilites. Pages are collated into sets and the corner is stapled, or perhaps two staples in the side and then covered with tape.

Summit Printing can print from your camera ready artwork or we can create a professional booklet or catalog design for you. Art files can be emailed or you can use the automated art uploader located on the website, even for very large digital booklet files (up to 1000 MB). Please compress your digital files for faster and more dependable transfer success.

An effective booklet or catalog requires both good design and copywriting skills. Visit the
booklet design tips page for some useful tips to help you create an impressive and persuasive catalog design, or feel free to give us a call for any questions that you may have.

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